Pitching your workshops to a company can be intimidating and overwhelming. In fact, in a survey many of you participated in, you shared that this is your biggest fear and hindrance to success.
I’m here to help guide you through the prep work needed to feel confident in that sales meeting. If you follow my 3 step blueprint for a powerful pitch, your chances of landing the client will increase exponentially.
#1. Do Your Homework

 When you approach a new company, research them thoroughly prior to your meeting. This will help you to better understand the demographics and company culture. That information should tip you off to potential struggles they have in implementing corporate wellness, enabling you to preemptively come up with solutions.
For example, I approached a company whose employees were predominantly Milennials. Right off the bat, I knew two things.
1. Heart disease wasn’t a top concern. 
2. The young employees' motivation during the program would increase with public recognition for accomplishments and a healthy dose of affirmation.
Also, research the CEO or HR director with whom you have the sales meeting.  People put a lot of personal information on the internet, and that will help you to profile them and better connect in person. 
#2. Sell with Your Ears

It’s easy to go into a sales meeting and just pitch the whole time, but that tactic probably won’t land you a sale. Take time to connect. You can’t address their needs if you don’t listen. Asking the right questions (see bonus guide) and listening will help you to figure out what hurdles the company faces from a wellness standpoint.

#3. Prudently Prepare to Avoid Panic

High pressured situations can leave people tongue tied. Your likelihood of success in attempting a new or challenging endeavor (e.g. marketing yourself in a few short sentences) is increased when there is no risk involved. That's why we practice before game day. Practice helps the skill become second nature, and it prepares you for the unexpected. 

Consider the following. If you had to swim in a 1/2 mile open water race in a few months and you would receive $1,000 if you finished and $8,000 if you placed, would you prepare or wing it? 

In these races, competitors are periodically (hopefully accidentally) kicking those swimming alongside of them as they jet to the finish line. If you haven't swum for years prior to race day, those uncomfortable distractions are likely to derail you. Conversely, consistent practice would help you cross the finish line with grace and power regardless of interruptions and obstacles.

The same principle applies to your business.
Extra Support

I want you to nail your sales pitch so you can go on to share your passion and knowledge regarding holistic health through workshops. To further support you, I created an awesome Sales Pitch Blueprint for you.  Here’s what it covers:

  • Actionable steps for profiling a company and its top employees

  • Helpful questions to ask in the sales meeting

  • Key things you need to prepare and bring to your meeting

Click here for access!