How is program structured?

  • Developing a lucrative workshop program takes hours of your time, a tremendous amount of work, and sufficient finances to create the necessary workshop and marketing materials. We have done the work for you so that you can focus on reaching and meeting the needs of corporate clients.
  • When you purchase the program, you will receive the materials needed to teach the Fortis Workshops, which are described in the product section. 
  • The Fortis Program is set up to help you educate employees effectively on various health topics during the workshops you will teach. Each workshop is developed to be fun and interactive. The instructor manual provides you with a lesson plan that includes workshop activities to enhance each session with your corporate clients. You will provide your clients with the Fortis Client Workbooks so that they can follow along with these activities.
  • The program provides you not only with lesson plans and workshop activities but also with weekly nutrition, wellness, and fitness challenges for your clients. These challenges help them to implement what they have learned into their lives. Your clients’ completion of these challenges is tracked by an app developed specifically for the Fortis Program. This app will enable you not only to track their progress but it will also enable your clients to see how they are doing on the challenges.
  • During the program, weight loss and body composition is also tracked. Although weight is not the only indicator of good health, many clients are trying to lose weight during the workshops. Measuring weight loss enables them to see their progress. Body composition is also tracked, which is a better indicator of health than just weight alone. Body composition measures lean weight versus fat weight. Instructors are taught how to measure body composition properly and are given the device to track this progress. Measurements are taken at the beginning of each workshop, and these results are tracked on the Fortis App.
  • There are two options for the workshop series length. You can purchase either an 8 or 12 week workshop program, depending on the length of workshop series that you would prefer to teach. 

What topics are covered in the program’s workshops?

  • Some of employees’ biggest health complaints are that they do not have time to make healthy food, they are stressed out, and they are low on energy during the workday. Therefore, the Fortis Program was designed to address these specific struggles of your average employee.
  • Good health must be built on a strong foundation of a whole-food and nutrient rich diet, regular movement, proper hydration, and stable emotional and mental health. The program addresses these important foundations of health throughout the workshop series. The nutritional pillars of hydration, digestion, blood sugar, and essential fatty acids among others things are discussed using language that the average Joe understands. Workshops on stress reduction, healthy meal planning, and preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease are also included. The 12 week program also includes workshops teaching eating healthy on a budget, improving metabolism, hormone health, and anti-aging solutions.
  • These workshop lectures are permeated not only with education on the subject being discussed but also with action steps that clients can take to resolve imbalances.

Is it worth the investment?

  • You can easily make several thousand dollars when teaching your first 8 or 12 week workshop series if you are willing to market the program well and provide a high quality service to your client. So yes, with dedication, you will easily make back the money invested in the Fortis Program.
  • Fortis Instructors have made anywhere between $3,000 and $7,500 for teaching a 12 week workshop. This is a great financial return on your investment in the program.
  • Companies are willing to pay for a high quality service that strengthens their company from the inside out through this preventative corporate wellness program. The sky is the limit regarding how much you can make using this program.
  • We give you all of the tools needed to be successful, but it is up to YOU to utilize those materials to build your business.

Will I gain individual clients by teaching workshops?

  • Typically, yes. You will have corporate wellness clients who will want to meet with you one on one after the program to get individual recommendations. Teaching corporate wellness programs is a great way to gain individual clients if you are interested in growing that aspect of your business. 

How much of my time will it take to run a program (class time, preparation, and followup)?

  • Although it is important to have a good grasp of the material before you present, the instructor manuals give you a workshop script from which you can easily teach. Once you become familiar with the program, you will not need much time to skim over the materials before presenting. Each Fortis Instructor will find his or her own method and amount of time for preparation that works best for them.
  • Unlike with individual clients, you will not have many of your corporate clients contacting you with questions outside of the workshop, as long as you set up those boundaries in the beginning of the workshop series. This frees you up to teach other workshops during the week. Instructors can easily run 7 or more programs a week once they become comfortable with the workshop materials.

Will I have any additional purchases or fees after I buy the initial starter package?

  • The initial starter package comes with 10 client workbooks. When you need additional client workbooks as you start to work with companies, simply come back to this website to purchase client workbooks packages.
  • You get a free first year of using the Fortis App. After that, it's a simple fee of $1 per month for its use.


  • You can get answers to your additional questions by e-mailing us at and we'll be happy to help you.