Instructor manual: Teachings workshops is made easy by this helpful guide, which provides scripts for each of the workshops. The Fortis Workshops are on various aspects of nutrition and wellness. The program focuses on the foundations of nutrition and other niche health topics that are catered to employees’ needs, such as stress reduction. The topics are discussed in layman’s terms and recommendations are given on improving the area discussed in the workshop. Interactive workshop activity descriptions are included for each workshop. Instructor notes throughout each chapter help you to teach difficult topics better and to navigate sticky situations with participants. The 12 week instructor manual is 100 pages, and the 8 week instructor manual is 63 pages.

10 client workbooks: Each client workbook contains workshop outlines, detailed steps to improve health, workshop challenges, meal ideas, a separate recipe section, reading recommendations, and links for supplemental health information. The 12 week program workbook is 38 pages and the 8 week program workbook is 27 pages. Additional workbooks that are needed beyond the initial 10 provided in your program package can be purchased separately on this sites Purchase Page.

The Fortis Wellness tracking app: This online application was build for the Fortis Program to track progress. Goals, body composition, weight, and completed weekly challenges are all tracked so that both you and your clients can log in and see marked progress. A tutorial video is provided to teach you how to use the app properly.

A bioelectrical impedance machine: This handheld device measures body composition. The body fat machine determines the electrical impedance or opposition to the flow of an electrical current through the body. In less than 10 seconds, it provides you with the client’s body fat percentage. Body composition is a much better indicator of health than just weight alone. A instructional video is included to teach you how to use this machine properly.

A professional promotional video: Cold calls can be challenging. This video enables you to reach out easily to HR directors and CEOs and to give them a quick three minute synopsis of what the Fortis Program that you facilitate entails. This is a great marketing tool to have on your website.

Conference Calls: As you begin generating leads and teaching workshops, you may have some questions. As a Fortis Program Instructor, you will participate in quarterly support conference calls as part of your package. 

PowerPoint slides for all of the workshops: These PowerPoints give your corporate clients compelling visuals while you present the Fortis Program Workshops. Powerpoint presentations are anywhere from 10-15 slides, and they touch on the key points being presented without being wordy and distracting the audience from your message.

Instructional videos & audio lecture: Use these recourses to learn how to teach and implement certain aspects of the Fortis Program. For example, the videos will teach you how to take body composition readings properly and lead clients in metabolic boosting desk exercises. The audio lecture provides you with strategies and guidelines for the marketing, sale, and implementation of the program. 

Access to a private Facebook page for Fortis Corporate Wellness Instructors: Receive additional resources and encouragement from the program designer, Erin Foushee, and connect and share tips with other NTPs around the country who are servicing the Fortis Program.

Introductory letter for HR directors and CEOs: This letter template provides a quick summary of the benefits of the Fortis Program and the statistics that support these findings.

Contract template: Writing up a contract with a corporate client can be tricky. Our contract template serves as a helpful guide for this step.

Iodine for workshop activity: Two roll on iodine applicators are included in your Fortis Program Starter Package. They are filled with Lugol’s 2% iodine. The iodine is for a workshop activity (only in the 12 week program).

Completion certificates for participants: Congratulate your workshop participants with a Fortis Program certificate of completion.


Marketing Brochures: Catch the eye of the CEOs and HR directors. Use the brochure template we provide to get the word out that you are providing the Fortis Program. 


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