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Are You Doing These 3 Things at Your Workshops?


"Exciting!" "Captivating!" "Impactful!"

We would all love to see this on every feedback form returned by workshop participants.

How do you make that dream a reality?

How do you engage an audience who is likely low on sleep, crashing from the danish grabbed an hour ago, and addicted to their smart phones?

There are 3 key tactics that I'm sharing with you today that will get your audience engaged and focused on you. Making small but impactful changes in the way you speak to your participants can take your talk from dull to captivating. 

Use these strategies to better communicate important health information, and therefore, help change your community!

CLICK my face for the video!

Once you've had a chance to watch, I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

1. Which of the 3 tactics do you find most important?

2. How do you want to improve in your public speaking?

Thanks for reading/ watching and I look forward to hearing from you!