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Sell without Being Pushy

Warm weather is finally here! During this time of year, weekends often become filled with outdoor social activities such as memorial day cookouts, your child or niece/ nephew's soccer games, and the neighborhood block party.

During these spring and summer events, there are ample opportunities to connect casually with others and organically share that you provide nutrition services. 

Yes, it's possible for you to market your business without feeling pushy or like a used car sales man. While in conversation with your peers, share your excitement about what you are providing to clients and the great results you are seeing in them. Make sure to touch on the "why" behind what excites you to do this work rather than just laying out the details. Let your passion lead the conversation.

Gauge their interest after covertly planting that seed in their mind. Let's say you are offering a corporate wellness workshop. (Note: you can use the same approach if you're providing other groups with workshops or doing individual consultations. Simply change the players). If they are excited about the topic and it seems like a natural transition at that time, you can ask if they think that they or their company could benefit from a nutrition workshop designed to help employees improve their health and therefore their productivity, energy, etc.

Notice, I didn't immediately recommend you say, "can you set me up with your HR director!" or much worse, "I'm so desperate for clients and I hate marketing. Is there any way you could help me?!?" Rather, I asked if they thought this program would benefit them and their fellow employees. Most people will agree that learning more about nutrition would be beneficial. Getting an individual employee on board with the idea is a great first step to starting a conversation about bringing a workshop to their place of business. 

Again, if they seem really excited about the idea of having you support the company they work for, you could continue that conversation and perhaps ask for a contact in HR/ management. If they seem mildly interested and it doesn't feel right to continue the conversation, you can re-visit it later.

Let's say you had a great conversation about teaching a workshop to a neighbor's company. You were given their business card and the name of the HR director. This is great news! However, it is key that you do not overlook this next step, which is often dismissed in the moment.

Record this person's information in your book of business!

At the time of the conversation, you may think that there is no way you will forget the details of this interaction or misplace that business card. However, I can tell you from experience that it is very easy to do just that.

For those of you who have never used a book of business, it is a log of the interactions that you have had with potential clients and or leads.

You can can create your own using an excel spread sheet with the following categories:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Contact information
  • Details of the conversation including the date
  • Follow up details
  • Result (client or not)

If you would like to use a Customer Relationship Management tool, there are plenty out there to fit your unique business needs. 

The main take away is that you need some type of book of business, and you need to be using it and updating it on a weekly if not daily basis.

Action is needed for success. Here are some practical steps.

  1. This week share with a friend or acquaintance why you are passionate about your particular area of expertise within the health field.
  2. If you have not created a book of business, do it. 
  3. Comment below when you get a new lead. Let's celebrate each other's success!