As a young child I was fascinated by the tenacity of ants.

As the ants hauled their sizable loot back to their colony, I would study them with awe, wondering how they carried food and building supplies more than two times their size. They seemed unfazed by this substantial task that they undertook daily. 

Although this feat appears impressive, ants were built for that work. 

Similarly, we are capable of achieving more than we could ever imagine. The human brain and body are incredibly designed. You were made for greatness.

Unfortunately, we often sell ourselves short rather than reaching our full potential in business. Throw that bad habit aside because it is time to reach for the stars and change the world!

What is holding you back from approaching that client, trying an out of the box marketing tactic, or asking for business advice from a friend?

For most of people, it is fear of failure.  Perhaps, you were turned down by the client you approached recently or your last marketing idea was a total failure. 

Failure is not something to fear but rather to embrace. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I want you to succeed. However, if you are failing here and there in business, it means that
you are daring to try new things beyond your comfort zone. That is where most growth happens. 

Therefore, if you have failed recently, I am proud of you! 

This week, I challenge you to learn from the ants by working to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles that you face.      
Here is your challenge:

1. Write down 3 business goals that you want to achieve but have been afraid to attack. Create a game plan for achieving these goals.

2. Share your goals in the comments below to keep you accountable.

3. Get out there and wow the world!