You are what you consume.

As a Nutritional Therapist, you teach this principle to clients, and you practice what you preach by nourishing your own body. 
But how are you feeding your mind? (Note: I’m not talking about boosting your physical brain with more fish oil).
What environment do you surround yourself with each day?

The messages around you feed your subconscious mind and have a huge influence on your success in life and in business.

Choose carefully what you consume.

Check in with Yourself

Ask yourself the following. 

What messages penetrate my mind as a consequence of the social media content I peruse, YouTube videos and Netflix shows I watch, the conversations I engage in, the music I consume, the websites I frequent, and books I read?
Do those messages build you up? Or do they tear you down, leading you to doubt yourself and scale back on your goals?

Gut Check

Let’s take a quick detour to consider the following.
There will always be good and bad bacteria in the gut. However, we want the good bacteria to have the upper hand. The physical health of the body depends on this ratio being balanced. Therefore, we feed the body foods that will help good bacteria proliferate and limit foods that cause a flair up of bad bacteria.
Now apply that same principal to the mind.

A successful businessperson’s mind is not devoid of negativity but that negativity needs to be actively kept in check.

You Reap What You Sow

Avoid planting seeds of comparison, negativity, and chaos in your mind.

These seeds will turn into weeds. Weeds will develop deep roots in the mind, choking out your goals, dreams, creativity, self-confidence, and productivity. 
Crowd out the weeds that have already taken root by overpopulating your mind with thoughts of gratitude. Focus on your goals and aspirations, those who inspire you, and positive mantras.
The morning mind is extra malleable. First thing each day, jump in the drivers seat. Be extra picky about what you allow your mind to consume. 

Avoid the temptation to pick up your phone immediately, allowing social media posts and work email to mold your foundational thoughts of the day. Instead, each morning plant new seeds in your subconscious mind that will blossom into flowers.

Before long, positive, productive thoughts will reign in your mind from dawn to dusk.


Your business will likely follow this positive trajectory of your mind.

Clients who are drawn to your positivity will be knocking at your door. Goals that once seemed insurmountable will now be seen as an exciting challenge. Your sales meetings will go smoother with your newfound confidence.  


Action Steps

Take a day’s vacation from social media, YouTube, TV, website surfing, and the radio. Reallocate that time filling your mind with positive music, mantras, and media. Add in the occasional uplifting talk. Here is my go-to inspirational podcast.

Also, schedule quiet time into your day. Block out the noise and potential negativity, and watch impressive business ideas spontaneously pop up in your mind. 
Enjoy the pruning and planting!